When you authorize me to pull your data from Uber, I only have permission to basically view your profile / activity / history.

I cannot request rides for you or do anything that would cost you money.

The site uses cookies to know that you're you, and that it was you who authorized the Uber account access. A brief amount of data is also stored locally. Why? Basically for the leaderboard, and for making queries quicker.

None of your data that I can access is as risk. You can watch me on Twitter to be sure, and email me at brycead [aaatttt sign] gmail (single dot) com to voice your concerns.

The only other piece of data I have is your email. I may send you one or two emails at some point in the future that immediately concern this project or a related one. I won't spam you. Promise.

But if you're actually concerned, it'd probably be best if you left the site/app right now.